Where To Get Support

This page is under construction.

React is worked on full-time by Facebook’s product infrastructure and Instagram’s user interface engineering teams. They’re often around and available for questions.

Stack Overflow

Many members of the community use Stack Overflow to ask questions. Read through the existing questions tagged with reactjs or ask your own!

Discussion Forum

For longer-form conversations about React, we’ve set up a discussion forum at discuss.reactjs.org. This forum is a great place for discussion about best practices and application architecture as well as the future of React. If you have an answerable code-level question, please post it to Stack Overflow instead.

In the forum there’s also a category for job posts and a category for discussion of our weekly meeting notes.

DEV Community

DEV’s React tag is a place to share React projects, articles and tutorials as well as start discussions and ask for feedback on React-related topics. Developers of all skill-levels are welcome to take part.

React Community on Hashnode

For the latest news about React, follow @reactjs on Twitter and the official React blog on this website.