# What is new?

# Annotate Participant and more new syntax


For more new syntax, checkout Sequence Diagram Syntax

# Highlight diagram messages / code

When you move the cursor in the code editor, the corresponding message will be highlighted; if you click a message in the diagram, the corresponding code will be highlight in the editor.

highlight messages

# Quick toolbar

quick toolbar

# ZenUML Graph

A new macro has been added to the ZenUML plugin. With this new macro you can draw any diagram you like. We are migrating text to digram feature to this new macro.

ZenUML Graph

This macro is built on top of mxgraph - https://jgraph.github.io/mxgraph/.

# Markdown in comments

Some of the features are only available on the confluence cloud platform and via the full (paid) version (opens new window).

The above diagram is generated from the following code:

// `POST order`
// - [ ] Setup loadbalancer
// - [x] Config Kong gateway - [instrucions](document)
OrderController.create() {

  // Create an **immutable** order
  // - [ ] Build a microservice
  OrderService.create() {
    // | id | Prod_Name | Price | Inserted_At |
    // |----|-----------|-------|-------------|
    // |123 | book 1    | $10.00| 2020-06-30  |

# Mermaid diagrams

In the latest version, we have integrated mermaid into the plugin.